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Don't Call It a Comeback!

We've been here for years! 25 to be exact plus eons off the FM. And now it's time to party!!! Put on your birthday suit and give yourself 25 bumps! YOUR INVITED!! And what a bday bash it will be. 25 bands take over MacEwan Hall  for one night celebrating our quarter life crisis!! WOOO! With our fancy new studio, now we just need that red convertible and trophy wife... SAT. Jan 23, 2010. Tickets went on sale on dec 4th. Twenty-five bones for twenty-five years! More info on tickets etc: Get 'em while their hot!

Hidden Cameras

What a night it was. Gentleman Reg opened up with a superb set minus one tune. I spent the rest of the night meeting with old friends and dancing to the eclectic uber gay, somewhat celtic somewhat 80's synth, music of The Hidden Cameras . Their new LP, Origin:Orphan, was purchased with bonus MP3s thank-you very much. Danced until 3 am with Dave Meslin, Joel Gibb, and the band, who changes usually on each tour and is not the same as when I saw them 6 years ago at Mt Royal College. Their tour bus is spacious and I mean "space", the final frontier of tour buses. What a treat. Dave and I went on a walk and I showed him the evils and public spaces of a four block radius. At one point I was sure that the Memorial Park cenotaph had been decorated in christmas lights, to my relief this was only a reflection of the flashing police vehicle lights picking up excited and soon to be crushed, unbeknownst to them, Rough Riders fans. What an appropriate evening. What fun! I highly sugge…


DEP took in The Books last night at Broken City. What a rush of pure and unprovoked musical bliss.  Paul de Jong and Nick Zammuto spoke to the audience and wished us a happy thanksgiving, then realizing they were in Canada, retracted their statement and opened with a new number "group hypnosis", i think. Have to say, I didn't expect anything going in and wasn't disappointed. (ha ha) What I mean is.. It was just incredible. Although I could barely see over the heads of the sold out show to the streaming videos the band uses at live shows, and the young man in the white knit toque who kept stepping back into me while jumping up and down trying to get a closer look, I like the rest of the crowd (excluding white toque guy) enjoyed what we did see.Of what I did see, the visuals vaired from humour, to thoughful insight , to rage, and peacefulness.  Not seeing the full video forced my brain to see the music and my ears to hear far beyond the stage. What my senses  picked up…

DEP Night OUT!

DEP caught some great Alberta acts last night at the Marquee Room in Calgary. Shane Ghostkeeper of Ghostkeeper  opened up the night with a pretty outstanding opening set. Just Shane and his guitar swayed the audience with soulful indie rock. Moments of silence cascaded the room while Shane free styled ballads and thoughtful personal hymns of romance, style, and unbelievable talent. Next up The Pale Moon Lights  took the stage minus one member and a lead vocalist with no vocal abilities due to illness. Non-the-less, PML held there own opening with Jonh Mayer and DogStar covers, original ballads, and country/indie/pop tendencies. They definitely took me by surprise and played an enjoyable set. Last but not least, Ryan Bourne's long awaited postponed - non-record release took place. Ryan played from his soon to be released album to a sparse but appreciative crowd. Experimental tangents made for an interesting debut.

Notables in the crowd: Kerry Clark of Calgary Folk Festival and CJSW…


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a cjsw icon departed

Sunday November 15, 2009

Late last week CJSW lost one of the most honest, unique, and original voices ever to grace the airwaves. Reverend Ron, the longtime host of The Blues Witness, passed away on Thursday night. He will be missed by so many of us. We truly are a community in mourning.

Many CJSW programmers plan to give tribute to the tremendous contribution Ron made to our station, broadcasting in general, and the community at large. Be sure to tune in to The Blues Witness this Wednesday (6:30-8pm) for a special tribute show, hosted by many of Ron's close friends at CJSW. You also won't want to miss these other programs, which will salute Ron's career in their own slots:

South Louisiana Gumbo (Mon 7-8pm): Chef Wayne has been deeply influenced by Reverend Ron during his time at CJSW. Ron trained him to be a programmer, and set a programming example on which Chef Wayne has tried to model his own show, South Louisiana Gumbo.…

Thank-you Chad!!

Well, after 9 years of sweat, tears, and blood (some of his own and some belonging to others)...CJSW is moving!!! DEP is super excited to be moving into our new space this week. Saying good-bye to silver fish and zero ventilation are just some of the attributes Ching and JB are looking forward to. It is true that none of it would be possible without Station Manager Chad Saunders. DEP is trying to figure out a way to thank him and let him know how we appreciate and love him...ideas? Write us! to come on this story....I have to go move the Library vinyl right now

sing it again andy...

When in the mid-1950s Andy Williams reached a low point in his career, singing in dives to ever-smaller audiences, the young man from Wall Lake, Iowa, had no inkling of the success he would one day achieve. Before being declared a national treasure by President Ronald Reagan, Williams would chart eighteen gold and three platinum albums, headline at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for more than twenty years, and host an enormously popular weekly television variety show whose Christmas specials still occupy a tender spot in every baby boomer's heart.

Williams knew everybody who was anybody during his seven remarkable decades in show business (including Judy Garland, John Huston, Jack Lemmon, John Lennon, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Barbra Streisand, among others) and was a close friend of Bobby Kennedy for many years, and he shares memories of them all in Moon River and Me. His millions of fans guarantee a huge audience for the autobiography of the plush baritone who- at the ag…

tastey DEP!

seasons greetings from DEP!! If you are in Calgary, hit the Marquee room tonight! $30 bones for a Halloween Masqueradio good time!!!


Thank-you! To everyone who has helped out by pledging and listening to the DEP Funding Drive! Keep pledging all week!!


Delicious Radio? Indeed!
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Let the good times roll with this year's Funding Drive events! Monies raised go to the station!! Start it off with FUNK at the Hi-Fi or rock your socks off with Forbidden Dimension or BOTH!! An early rock show and then on over for booty shakin' good times! FYI Calgary's Jay Crocker is scheduled to join Rodney Guitarsplat at the Ship on Saturday afternoon. Then rock you night away in the arms of your soulful lovin' friends at The Distillery OR the soon to be announced mystery show at the Hi-Fi. Monday night grab some properly layered popcorn at the Plaza Theatre in Kensington to re-coup from your weekend of CJSW! Tuesday night is time to strap yourself in and tune in to fact  just go to these and PLEDGE PLEDGE PLEDGE..wooo!

BFF!!! xoxoxo

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EFWC to Release New Songs on DEP Funding Drive Show!

Special guests Envelopes Filled With Cash are pre-releasing two new tracks on DEP for the Oct 24th funding drive show to entice pledges! Other EFWC songs are on the 2009 CJSW Compilation CD and can be heard here:

CJSW FUNding Drive 2009!!! DEP EDITION!!

Make a pre-pledge to DEP!!! Just visit FUNding Drive runs October 23 - October 30 2009. Ching and Jeanette are uber busy making mix cds and such for your pledging pleasures. Join us on October 24 from 12:30 - 2:30 PM!

COME DOWN AND VISIT - Free parking ALL DAY at U of Calgary campus...wTFFF!!

Jeanette interviews Gavin Rossdale on DEP - no shiza