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CFMF 2010 - DEP Highlights

4 Days of 'Folk' in the sun just concluded at the 25th Calgary Folk Music Festival. This year's CFMF highlights are sure to titillate and inspire; from being chastised by musicians and folky fist fights to workshops featuring folk icons and patrons of profession and fame, it's been a wild west ride Calgary.


Montreal pop icons Stars were finishing their ethereal and optimistic set just as I was arriving. What is unfortunate is that I completely missed ' Library Voices who surely wowed and amazed.

On with the show...

Avett Bros.Taking a  song or two to ease into the folk fest, the Avett Brothers seemed to be relaxed and confident in their 'punkgrass' rhythms and most definitely got the crowd moving. A friend of mine reported seeing a girl no older than 10 or 11 years of age with binoculars singing her heart out to the trio's upbeat and somewhat wholesome set. They projected a strong sense of raw energy and punk sentiments but fell a few feet short …

Playlist July 24, 2010

JB hosts

Let today be considered GVB DAY! - A DEP Decree

Andy Williams - Moon River
Here we go magic - hibernation
Tokyo Police Club - Fav. Food
Icarus Himself - Digging Holes
These Estates - I Can't Wait
Monsters of Folk - Map of The World
Guided By Voices - Everybody thinks I'm A Rainbow
Patrick Kelleher - Not Leaving Town
The Hot Moonbeams - Solider of Fortune
Maps of Atlases - Will
Snake! Snake! Snakes - City on Fire
Avette Bros. - Nothing Short of Thankful

Let's Get Political!!!

The General elections are coming up this October 18, 2010 and DEP is about to get politickin' all over your airwaves!! This big event only occurs once every three years which means the fat cats that get voted in for 2010 will be there for 1 095.7266 days, that's 26 297.4383 hours people!! These folks will be making all the major decisions for our city from how it looks to who gets what and where and why and how. Time to get in on it! There are tonnes of choices to be made including 10 Mayoral candidates, 14 Wards for Alderperson candidates in Calgary, and a bunch of people who want to run our schools. SO DEP is going to give you a hand.

We are planning to have several candidates visit the station over the next couple of months in addition to the election activities in planning for CJSW 90.9 FM. We may also be putting in our own two cents here and there. While refraining from soapboxes, we hope to give you accurate resources and info to get you to the polls in one peice. If yo…

July 17, 2010 PLAYLIST


lions, tigers and bears - french hip
the future - the blasted maltese
sarah harmer - new loneliness
nick cave - into my arms
the photographic - directions
the boyfriends - split level
metronomy - a thing for you
buck 65 - superstar don't love
****REQUEST: lcd soundsystem - dance yourself clean
frally hynes - breathe

Boxer The Horse

So last week on DEP I played a new track off of Boxer the Horse's new album. I was immediately enthralled and a little stunned by these young dudes who kicked the jams and raised the ruckesses. You may feel a little Modern Lovers meets Inbreds meets, meets, meets.....PURE JOY!

They have been getting a tonne of press from NOW to Exlaim! to DEP

Seriously though, go to their myspace page and check them out: BOXER THE HORSE

Here they are doing a cover of Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers!!!!!

Playlist July 10/10


Andy Williams.......moon river
Boxer the horse.................mary meets the pilot
Hollerado....fake drugs
Neva Divnoa.........rollerskating
Bright Eyes........I know you

dutchess and the duke........hands
we are action........tumor head
....And you will know us by the trail of dead.......back in New York City
Golden Triangle..........rollercoaster
Bonnaventure James.....astronaut GF pt.2
Blitzen Trapper............laughing lover

Song of The Month

So I finally got to see Canadian rockers Hollerado at Sled Island Music and Arts Festival in Calgary and they blew my socks OFF!!!! LOVES LOVES LOVES!!!! Other fav.'s Golden Triangle, Angelo Spencer and Les Hauts Sommets, Envelopes Filled With Cash, Cave, and so many more. Go Calgary Go!