Hidden Cameras

What a night it was. Gentleman Reg opened up with a superb set minus one tune. I spent the rest of the night meeting with old friends and dancing to the eclectic uber gay, somewhat celtic somewhat 80's synth, music of The Hidden Cameras . Their new LP, Origin:Orphan, was purchased with bonus MP3s thank-you very much. Danced until 3 am with Dave Meslin, Joel Gibb, and the band, who changes usually on each tour and is not the same as when I saw them 6 years ago at Mt Royal College. Their tour bus is spacious and I mean "space", the final frontier of tour buses. What a treat. Dave and I went on a walk and I showed him the evils and public spaces of a four block radius. At one point I was sure that the Memorial Park cenotaph had been decorated in christmas lights, to my relief this was only a reflection of the flashing police vehicle lights picking up excited and soon to be crushed, unbeknownst to them, Rough Riders fans. What an appropriate evening. What fun! I highly suggest the new album to the curious and fans alike. The opening track will lead you on a frenzied voyage of mystical proportions, 'Walk On' will make you think 'hey  kids, rock n' roll' all over your face. And the rest will gleefully take you on familiar yet fresh Cameras territory. And the live show...dance dance dance..and more. (PS watch out for the 9 foot tall male cosby sweater in the front row)