DEP took in The Books last night at Broken City. What a rush of pure and unprovoked musical bliss.  Paul de Jong and Nick Zammuto spoke to the audience and wished us a happy thanksgiving, then realizing they were in Canada, retracted their statement and opened with a new number "group hypnosis", i think. Have to say, I didn't expect anything going in and wasn't disappointed. (ha ha) What I mean is.. It was just incredible. Although I could barely see over the heads of the sold out show to the streaming videos the band uses at live shows, and the young man in the white knit toque who kept stepping back into me while jumping up and down trying to get a closer look, I like the rest of the crowd (excluding white toque guy) enjoyed what we did see.Of what I did see, the visuals vaired from humour, to thoughful insight , to rage, and peacefulness.  Not seeing the full video forced my brain to see the music and my ears to hear far beyond the stage. What my senses  picked up were abstractions of tribal beats, soulful interludes, electronics, classical arrangements, "folk" lyrics--crystal clear sound. It rocked.   'nough said.

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