Playlist January 3, 2015 - Ching

1:33pm The Poumons - By Surprise
1:36pm Post Script - Impossible
1:43pm Making Movies - Lo Que Quiero
1:47pm Son of Stan - Loseyomind
1:52pm Stella Ella Ola - Too Pretty
1:56pm Instruments - Black Cloud
1:58pm Colleen Green - Only One

Live Performance
2:02pm Lindsay Kupser - Across The Sea
2:08pm Lindsay Kupser - The Sadness in a Dark Place
2:14pm Lindsay Kupser - It Hurts
2:18pm Lindsay Kupser - All of my Bones Broke on Thursday Evening

2:21pm Adam Green - Party Line

2:23pm INTERVIEW with Lindsay Kupser

2:36pm Great Lake Swimmers - Song For The Angels
2:40pm Black Light White Light - Running
2:44pm Wooden Shjips - Vampire Blues
2:50pm Dirty Three - I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night
2:52pm Nathan Shubert's Pirate Ship - Port II
2:58pm Dirty Projectors - Dance For You