Playlist January 17, 2015 - Ching

1:02pm Tomo Nakayama - I Am Waiting
1:05pm Wunderstrands - Dear John
1:10pm Field + Stream - I Don't Hurt Anymore
1:14pm Windigo - Golden Tiger
1:20pm Ariel Pink - Exile on Frog Street
1:26pm No States - Anywhere You Go
1:31pm Coyote - Toothache
1:40pm Plumtree - You Got Me Runnin'
1:44pm Spiders & Snakes - Can't Buy Love/ Siamese Twins   
1:47pm Shona Rae and the VooDoo Hand - Black Crow Pie
1:51pm Dropkick Murphys with Dicky Barrett - Dirty Water
1:58pm Snakes Say Hisss! - Silk Strings
2:02pm Taso - Drop That Thang
2:04pm Lord Raja - Skyre
2:07pm Sugar & Gold - Slice Me Nice
2:13pm Stars - No One Is Lost
2:18pm Arkells - Come To Light
2:22pm Solvents - Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' Bout That Girl
2:26pm Dead Leaves Rising - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
2:30pm Satellites - Something Bigger
2:37pm Laura Reznek - Wild
2:41pm Freelance Whales - Let Her Dance
2:43pm Twin Fangs - Little Golden Horshoe
2:46pm Tele Novella - Stephanie Says
2:49pm Ruffled Feathers - Siberian Springtime
2:52pm Escondido - Strangers
2:58pm Tea Cozies - Here Comes My Baby