SI 2014 Day Four and Wrap-up w/Jeanette

After three days of running around, I decided to do more. Starting Day Four off at Local 510, to Olympic Plaza, back to Broken City for another excellent salad, and back to Olympic Plaza for Spiritualized and fireworks, Flames Central, and finally the Legion. I also managed to make the Wrap-Up Party at Republik and lunch at Local 510 on Sunday.


The Younger Lovers, Village, BA Johnston @Local 510

Based out of California, The Younger Lovers offer a blend of light pop-punk with excellent banter, attitude, and queer-centric themes. Lead singer and guitarist Brontez Purnell's lyrics include not wanting to have sex with a Modest Mouse fan poser in a three way and making sure your ex-boyfriends stay that way, forever. 

Village was a nice surprise. Playing what could be the smallest keyboard I have ever seen, singer Jessica Chau leads a day dream mellow garage pop.

BA Johnston has been on the CJSW playlist several times over the years--Ching and I have both enjoyed playing his comedic punk/folk songs about Toyota Perludes and WKRP. His live show is a whole other storm of antics, scrapped knees, and karaoke songs. Taking off several layers of t-shirts and sweaters to finally end-up naked chested smacking his belly and parading around the parking lot telling jokes while singing about nacho cheese and deep fryers while attempting to breakdance while being helped up while stealing the bar's tip-jar money while jumping on tables while smashing beer cans on his head while lassoing five people with his mic cord while leading a Judist Priest sing-a-long while dissing his own show.

St. Vincent @FlamesCentral

St. Vincent's new self-titled album is synth and beat focussed with Annie Clark's signature growling/flowing guitar and angelic voice. The band's new live show is a true spectacle. With corn rolls and a dress straight out of Hunger Games, Clark came to entertain. I can't help but compare Clark to Prince, yes, Prince. Like Prince, Annie Clark is a supremely talented musician, her technical skills and her artistry create another world for her audience. The spectacular lighting combined with choreographed, abrupt, and jolted-repetitive movements made a finely tuned performance, yet still grounded enough in the music that there was room for mystery and awe. At one high-point, moogist/guitarist Toko Yasudo smoothly shuffles up and down the stage opposing Clark creating a conveyer belt of motion. The music didn't take a back seat as the band played new hits: Digital Witness, Rattlesnake, Birth in Reverse. Keeping her character throughout, she purveyed an allusiveness with seemingly intentionally strange banter, directly addressing and then dismissing any sense that could come from her words: falling balloons made out of bedsheets as a message to never lose hope or burning ants with a magnifying glass as a child to burning down neighbourhoods; making comment on what is Canadian: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Wayne Gretzky. It was an interesting contrast to her performance at folk fest in 2010 and an enjoyable show.

Obits @Legion#1

I ended Saturday evening by taking in the final few songs of the Obits' set at the Legion #1. Obits were in high gear, speeding down that garage rock and roll highway of end-of-fest love. Oh, what a feeling. I can't say more than this because I almost passed out from exhaustion at the table I was sitting. But you get my point. Obits=good. 


Lunch @Local 510

By Sunday all live shows were done at Local 510 and the possibility of me getting to sit down for a meal was much more likely. I dropped in to see just how frayed the staff were--as to be expected, they were friendly and fed me lunch. I had a veggie burger with hot sauce and salad, I had been eyeing the burger for a few days and enjoyed it very much. Several festival-goers slowly wandered in with shoe boxes having taken advantage of the Friends of Sled discounts available to pass holders. 

Wrap-up Party, Wild Rose Soul Club DJs, Julianna Barwick, U.S Girls @Republik

Having attended Sled's wrap-up's in the past, I was really excited for this year's mixed bag of performers, I stuck around for two.

I arrived to catch most of Julianna Barwick's set. She played solo, layering her vocals with ethereal winding wisps of airy keys, Barwick was a gentle but arresting start to the party.

Wild Rose Soul Club DJs kept the party moving and occasionally dancing in-between bands. 

U.S Girls ( Meghan Remy) gave a much looser set that I anticipated having heard great things about Remy's other shows at the festival this year. I held on for the rough vocals, crunchy rhythms, and flow of consciousness rants.

Thanks for another great Sled! - jb