Stolen Raymond!


Taken from 12street and 9th Avenue SE in Inglewood. He is a vegetarian and is blind. He needs to be at home. Please help find him

He is an 11 year old Boston Terrier and is blind due to cataracts. He was taken from a post he was tied to outside of Kim's Drycleaning on 9th Ave and 12 street in Inglewood. He has a crazy haircut from a recent ultrasound and a large divot out of his right ear.

If you have seen him call 

UPDATE FROM OWNER: Just a note to all of you wonderdogs out there inquiring about Raymond. He is doing great and is settled in his little bed happily killing his squirrel (yes it is stuffed -- he's a vegetarian). I truly believe he would not have found his way home without all of you awesome folk. Thank you a million times!