Cat Power - "I Found A Reason"

I lost my iPod a few weeks ago which I heard someone had found and put in the laundry room of my apartment, only to be taken by an evil culprit who shall perish to Hades.  Shame on you for taking someone else's property!!!

I had to resort to my beat up discman that was held together with a hair elastic.  If that went, I had my walkman to turn to.    So woe was me until a wonderful friend heard about my dilemma and gave me a replacement.  Phew!

I recently fill up this new ipod with some staples - songs and artists that i always turn to in a pinch.    So here's one of them - it's Cat Power doing a cover of Velvet Underground's "I Found A Reason".   And may I add that every song on her Covers album is amazing and to die for.  A staple for any music lover.