Playlist August 1, 2015 - Ching

The Bundles - A Common Chorus
36? - Robbing The Vegan Ice Cream Truck
The Buttercream Gang - Come Back to My Dreams
Metric - Cascades
Eels - Mr E's Beautiful Blues
Les Jupes - What Am I Doing Here?
Mitch Burger - Black Ice
18th Dye - Mystics II
Grounders - Drawing Space
The Dutchess and The Duke - Scorpio
Eggplant - Setting Free the Bears
Corrina Rose - Wolf
Dump - Moon River
Dungen - Festival
Hex Ray - Yer Hair Grew
The Eames Era - Go To Sleep
Don Brownrigg - These AM Times
Mia Dyson - Any 3 Chords
The Travelling Band - Sweet City
Built Like Alaska - Seven Steps of Trespassing
The Unsettlers - No No No Yes
Fist City - Let's Rip
Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Banana Version
Eggs - It's Hard to be an Egg
The Barmiitzvah Brothers - Trailblazer
Velveteins - Monica Louise
El Gato - Wonderlost