Playlist April 25, 2015 - Ching

1:05pm Joel Plaskett - On a Dime
1:10pm Whiskey Jerks - Dead-Eyed Darling
1:15pm Joanna Drummond - 4 AM Waking
1:20pm Olenka & The Autumn Lovers - The Decline
1:23pm Mike Tod     - Roll On
1:29pm A Horse And His Boy - Sidewalks
1:36pm Songs:Ohia - Not Just A Ghost's Heart
1:49pm Bonjay - Gimme Gimme
1:52pm The Whipping Wind - Tidal Wave
2:01pm First Aid Kit - Heaven Knows
2:05pm Leela Gilday - Cold Wind
2:09pm Kayla Hotte & Her Rodeo Pals - Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
2:12pm Bryan Pole - Curse of the Sleeping Bear
2:21pm The Clues - Approach The Throne
2:46pm Colleen Green - Deeper Than Love
2:32pm Dreamsploitation - The Night
2:38pm Lightning Bolt - Horsepower
2:43pm Ron Sexsmith - Nothing Feels The Same Anymore
2:47pm Aaron Lozynsky - Almost Done
2:51pm Ty Segall/Black Time - You Make Me  ***Phone Request***
2:55pm Coco Rosie - Animals