Playlist March 14, 2015 - Ching

1:04pm Young and Sexy - Curious Organ
1:08pm Magnolia Buckskin - Shore
1:13pm The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
1:16pm Aquadolls - Big Headed Alien
1:20pm Cecil Seaskull - Beautiful Everything
1:24pm David Barrie - Yummy, Yummy Candy
1:27pm Charlemagne - Your Scars
1:33pm Diplo - Big Lost (Eprom Remix)
1:39pm Notion - Lift Up featuring Illvibe & BZ3Auu
1:47pm Iron & Wine - Beyond The Fence
1:54pm P:ano - OC
1:57pm The CFL Sessions - Rough Riders Roam
2:03pm Dodos - Goodbye and Endings
2:08pm Adam & The Amethysts - Gitche Gumee Yeah Yeah
2:12pm Hank Davis - I'll Be Your Breakfast
2:19pm Add N to (X) - Metal Fingers In My Body
2:25pm Gukie - Track 3
2:28pm Whitehorse - Mexico Texaco
2:34pm Bucky Quagmire - Double Feature
2:37pm We Are Wolves - Mirror
2:41pm Brassy - Hit 'Em Hard
2:45pm Weird War - Girls Like That
2:50pm The King B With Joe Buzza - Chocolate Chicken
2:51pm Stereo Total - Ex Fan Des Sixties
2:57pm James Gordon - Donut Life