Playlist November 22, 2014 - Ching

1:32pm The Lava Lamps Band - Unimaginable
1:37pm Good In Everyone - Whiskeyjack
1:41pm Alright Gents - Banditos
1:44pm Shaani Cage - Come Up
1:49pm Wet Secrets - Nightlife
1:57pm Live Performance & Interview with Gruff Rhys -     American Interiors/ Walk Into The Wilderness/ Iolo/ 100 Unread Messages
2:25pm Electric Youth - WeAreTheYouth
2:29pm Bryan Pole - Curse of the Sleeping Bear
2:35pm Carden Cove - This Old Town
2:38pm The Late Miss Mary Kingsley - 1906
2:42pm Handsome Dan and His Gallimaufry - The Man Called Noon (Main Theme)
2:48pm The Velvet Underground - The Gift
2:56PM Foxygen - Everyone Needs Love