Playlist August 2nd, 2014 - Ching

1:33pm The Sharp Things - Demon of Love
1:39pm Leighton Paloma - I'm Not Going
1:42pm The 5,6,7,8's - Ki-Kya Shout
1:45pm Tiny Ruins - You in the Wintergardens
1:49pm Woodhands - Electric Avenue
1:56pm Tomorrow's World - Kites are Fun
1:58pm Clinton St. John - Woollen Path
2:02pm Hub - Spanish Conversation
2:06pm Transient Waves - Wavelength
2:17pm Shabazz Palaces - #Cake
2:21pm Lucia Pamela - Walking on the Moon
2:24pm Daisies - Day Out
2:27pm Blue Sky Addicts - End of the Beginning
2:34pm Cousins - Ocean
2:38pm Unwound - Arboretum
2:44pm Damon & Naomi - Turn of the Century
2:52pm Antlers - Palace
2:58pm Wallpaper - At The Art Museum