Playlist October 26th, 2013 - Ching

1:34pm Dean & Britta - Friday I'm In Love
1:40pm Boreal Sons - The Falconer
1:45pm Las Curvettes - Shake It
1:47pm Cousins - River
1:58pm Lizzie Davis - All About The Weather
2:03pm Puffy Amiyumi - Atarashii Hibi (Brand New Day)
2:06pm The Jamies - Money and Heartache
2:10pm Chappie - The International Chappie's Cheer-leading Team (the readymade one man dj show)
2:18pm Travis - Warning Sign
2:22pm YKZ featuring The Beatnuts - Reign of the Tec 2000
2:25pm Thee Girlfriends - Knock On My Door
2:28pm Forest City Lovers - Minneapolis
2:31pm Man Man - Pink Wonton
2:37pm Romz Record Crew - March of the Dio
2:42pm Le Pigeon - Freezing Rain
2:45pm Kristen Hersh - Wave of Mutilation
2:48pm Canadian Wildlife - Winter's Moon
2:52pm Goldspot - Monkey on my Rooftop
2:56pm The Bennies - Weird Science

Thanks for all those that pleged on the show last week.  If you forgot to make a pledge to CJSW, you still can via our website:
CJSW swag is still available and if you pledge to Double Entendre Preserves! you will be sure to score the following:
- $75 for double DEP mix cd
- $200 for double DEP mix cd and 4 mix cds from DEP - we will mail these to you throughout the year! That's a cd every 3 months filled with music from new artists, new songs that we dig. 

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