Playlist February 16th, 2013 - Ching

1:35pm Jim O'Rourke - Viva Forever
1:43pm Willie Nelson - Undo The Right
1:48pm Veronica Falls - Daniel
1:50pm Jarrod Sterling - Pavlova
1:55pm School of Seven Bells - Trance Figure
1:58pm The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers - Brown Door, Green Mat
2:05pm Yo La Tengo - Before We Run
2:11pm Mike Tod - The Lass and The Lad
2:17pm Air Waves - Knockout
2:20pm Dave Norris & Local Ivan - There's Lonely, There's Lonelier
2:27pm Miss Violetta Beauregarde - The Unbearable Lightness of a Farm Tractor
2:29pm Cheeky Bastid - Friends In The Future
2:33pm Rain Over St. Ambrose - Tambourine
2:38pm True Love Always - Top
2:45pm The Majestic Arrows - If I Had A Little Love (Rehearsal)
2:47pm The Majestic Arrows - Make Yourself Over (Rehearsal)
2:50pm The Majestic Arrows - I'll Never Cry For Another Boy (Rehearsal)
2:56pm Calvin Love - Missions
2:59pm Run With The Kittens - Life Inside A Chocolate House