Playlist December 22, 2012 - Ching

1:31pm Masters of the Hemisphere - Pierced By a Strangers Heart   
1:38pm Leighton Paloma - Rainbows, Kittens & Butterflies
1:42pm Vic20 - A Marshmallow World
1:44pm Lacon Kowalchuk - Harrison's Dream
1:49pm Cub Scouts - Told You So   
1:52pm Junkie XL - Saturday Teenage Kicks
1:59pm The Hidden Cameras - (They Long To Be) Close To You
2:04pm Devotchka - The Enemy Guns
2:12pm Ciao Bella - Christmas Time
2:19pm Nous Non Plus - C'est Vrai, Bebe!
2:22pm Irving - The Curious Thing About Leather   
2:29pm I Am Machi - Dance Like A Russion Sailor
2:32pm Origami - Nancy Drew/ Lions & Tigers
2:38pm Metz - Knife in the Water
2:40pm The Ray Makers - Contact High
2:44pm Modern Superstitions - Way I Want
2:47pm Vermont - Santa Claws
2:50pm Seksu Roba - Bossa Blanco
2:56pm The Ladybug Transistor Family & Friends (christmas party) - Christmas Extravaganza

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