Funding Drive 2012 with DEP!! IT'S RADIO SCIENCE!

The annual CJSW Funding Drive is officially underway and DEP is ready to take your pledges!!! Tune in on Saturday October 20th from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm to get your DEP mixed cds, extra incentives, and amazing CJSW SWAG! Check out this year's design available on Friends Card ($25+), T-Shirt ($75+), Mug ($150+), and print ($400+)!! YOU CAN EVEN MAKE A PRE-PLEDGE?!? WHAAA????!

Here is the DEP LD on the FD:
  • CJSW relies on the generosity of our listening community to support station operations year round and do things like secure our radio tower and increase our wattage!!! It's time to pay for your radio and get some extra goods for your deeds! You MUST pledge during our live broadcast for extra incentives not listed here. BUT you can make your pledge RIGHT NOW for your CJSW SWAG and DEP Mixes (pledges of $60 or more), including 4 extra DEP Mixes mailed to you throughout the year for pledges of $250 or more. Just make sure you note that you want to pledge to DEP (Double Entendre Preserves!!) (these items will also be made available during our live broadcast)
  • Make your on-line pledge to DEP and see CJSW SWAG here
  • Check out all the amazing FD events here, come on out and show your support in person!

It's not magic, IT'S RADIO SCIENCE!!!!!!