Playlist September 1, 2012 - Ching

1:30pm The Flaming Lips    - Helping The Retarded To Know God

1:38pm Amon Tobin featuring MC Decimal R. - Verbal

1:45pm Jon Gant - Southside

1:48pm The Beat - Walking Out On Love

1:50pm Hermetic - You Can't Go Home Again

1:55pm The Romantics - Tell It To Carrie

2:01pm Cornelius - Drop   

2:07pm Mike Tod    - Back To My Home

2:10pm A.C. Newman - Homemade Bombs In The Afternoon

2:14pm The Go-Betweens - The Clock

2:20pm Elk - Come Home

2:25pm Pulp - Like A Friend

2:29pm Sackville - The Principles of Science

2:36pm Thee Ahs - Music Snob

2:39pm Suede - Popstar

2:45pm Preston School of Industry - Caught In The Rain

2:48pm The Apartments - Jamille & Rene

2:53pm The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Money Rock 'n' Roll   

2:58pm Gary Valentine - The First One