Arcade Fire - We Salute You

As anyone who lives on the planet of pop knows, Arcade Fire and their album "The Suburbs" took home this year's Grammy for Album of The Year. All the controversy of the well loved Canadian indie rockers winning the big prize makes this DEP host smile with glee and question why it didn't happen 5 years ago. But alas, it has happened and the 'who's? and WTF's!' make it all the more exciting. Sort of reminiscent of 'Crash' winning Best Picture at the Oscars, all the confused sirlon wearing gaga's can pick up their dropped jaws and carry home their sorry sorry selves without their shiny shiny statues.

------A Bit O' History courtsey of the interweb.

2000 - Win Butler, lead singer of Arcade Fire, moves from the US to attend McGill in Montreal
2000 -Win Butler and Régine Chassagne meet, Win asks her to join his band
2001 - Arcade Fire play a show at Concordia in Montreal
2003 -Win and Régine marry
2004 - "Funeral" is released
2005 - Hit single 'Cold Wind', released on Merge Records and featured on tv series Six Feet Under, Vol. 2: Everything   Ends
2006 - "Neon Bible" is released
2008 - Arcade fire play four free concerts for Barack Obama, two in March and two in May
2010 - "The Suburbs" is released
2011 - Shiny Shiny statues.