Playlist - Sept 4, 2010

Jeanette hosts

Modern Superstitions - Visions of You
Clap you hands say yeah - Yankee Go Home
Siskiyou - It's all Going to End
Arcade Fire - Empty Room
Nervous Curtains - hearing something that isn't there
Jon. Richman and the modern lovers - Hi Dear
Eaman Mcgrath - I am the Deer
Fyfe Dangerfield - High on the tides
Common Crackle - Churchhill's Black Dog
Pixies - UMASS
J Roddy Waltson and the Business - Pigs n' pearls
Yo La Tengo - Mr Tough
The Orpeahns - Rough Enough
Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band - Gone Again
Les Savy Fav - Clear Spirits
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - MAPS
Peggy Sue - Fossils and Other
Tallest Man On Earth - Love Is All
Jesse and the Dandelions - when you die you get a planet
Blizten Trapper - Dragon's Song
Shapes and Sizes - Time has practically stopped
Stephen Malkmus - Phantasies
Br. Danielson - Things against Stuff
Billy bragg and the lblokes - Jane Allen
Moondoggies - It's hard to love someone
Whitelung - Viva La Rat
Jason Lytle - yours truly, the commuter
Steve Mason - understand my heart
Ariel Pink Haunted Graffit - Bright Lit Blue Skies
JAILL - The Stroller