Fashion Show Radio

Jeanette was pleased to host DEP with special talking with local designers in clothing and jewelry, local entrepreneurs, and vintage gurus about Calgary's creative culture, virtues, and challenges. Five callers also won double passes to eh The Plaza Theatre's on Feb 12th, 13th, 15th: Coco avant Chanel and The September Issue.

Special Guests Included:

Kari Woo - Influx, Calgary Jewellery and Design, located in Art Central; Amber Leigh Hebert - Calgary design, women's clothing, Clothing line available in Shisomiso, Art Central; Victoria Lee - Shisomiso co- owner, entrepreneur, located main floor Art Central; Katie Lavoie - Junkstar owner, vintage guru


Issues discussed: disposable clothing, craft, art, survival, fun. Stay tuned to DEP for a follow up on these and other topics surrounding local art and design in Calgary fashion.